Sabvoton SVMC72150 Controller

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Sabvoton SVMC72150 Controller inkl. Bluetooth Dongle

Continous current 150A!
Peak Current 300A

Wir bieten hier den Controller in der bereits neuen Version an!


SVMC General Spec (e.g. SVMC72150):

1. power supply:72V, MAX DC current:150A , Max phase current:350A

2. Product Size: 243x146x62mm

3. Net Weight:2.2 kgs

4. Testing way: Hall sensor

5. Include USB Cable & Function harness.

6. Color: Grey Black

Basic Function: Hall, Throttle, Electric Lock, Brake for high level

Regenerative braking (brake switch regen),  Electronic Brake

Extra Function (as default, customizable):

a. 0-5V variable regen brake signal (command regen current), 

For new controller, no need active brake switch for 0-5V variable regen brake.

b. Temp Sensor (Suit for KTY83/122),

c. Three Speed Switch (High/Balance/Low), cruise optional (new version).

d. Hall Speedometer.      

e. Reverse (new version) 

f. low level brake (new version)    


PS. For temp sensor, only KTY83/122 is available so far, the function could be disable by new software.


Controller PC Program

Bluetooth APP for Android Phones

SVMC common parameters


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